File server management services

File server management services from DCXV (Xivicom)professionals

The file server is designed to perform I / O and storage of any type of files. For this, a large amount of space is used, and the RAID array provides stable operation and high speed. File server management includes, first of all, its creation, configuration, allocation of memory and the ability to access these files.

Such a server is usually used to store files of various types, and all the necessary work with data is carried out in the client. The possibility of simultaneous access to the file and its evaluation can be limited to a certain number of people, but in real time it becomes available to more people. Naturally, such a server has its advantages and disadvantages. The first can be considered low cost and high speed development, and the second unreliability, increasing the load with increasing the number of hits. That is why you need highly professional file server management.

To make the work more comfortable, when oredering file server management, certain quotas are set, allowing you to limit the size of any folder. The administrator can limit the size of the entire server, as well as certain folders. In addition, the administrator can prohibit the storage of files of a particular type in a particular folder.

The accumulated experience and knowledge base allows us to provide file server management of your services and servers in a short time. In our work we promote a comprehensive approach to customer problems and provide a wide range of services:

  • Configuring Linux and Windows Servers

  • Audit of server infrastructure

  • Security audit

  • Protection against ddos attacks

  • Selection of equipment for your tasks

  • Optimization, updating and implementation of services

  • Monitoring equipment and informing about the status of servers

  • A systematic approach to the formation of backups and archives

  • Infrastructure recovery in case of equipment failure

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