Affordable dedicated server in Europe buy

Affordable dedicated server in Europe

Today many companies offer cheap dedicated server , however, you need to understand that most often hidden behind such a proposal in the selection of the server as a place of your web project placement.

Firstly, the lowest prices on the market have a dedicated server solutions with the "yesterday" configuration, especially based on Intel Pentium or Celeron (yes, there are such). Any such proposal - it is at least reason to think where and how the equipment is located and by whom it is served.

Second, the affordable dedicated server equipment is usually located abroad, more often - in the USA. In this case, before the conclusion of a long-term contract suggested to test the performance of your websites on the selected server to ensure that the placement of the "Ocean" will not affect the response time and speed of loading pages.

What will you get with DCXV affordable dedicated server

DCXV affordable dedicated server is beneficial in that your sites will be the only ones for which all available resources on the server running. In addition, a dedicated server with the same resources as compared to the virtual server, will run much faster, since at the same parameters of the processor and memory, the hard drive will only work for you, and not "cool" sites for other users.

On a dedicated server, you can run scripts that create heavy load. However, you are not allowed to use scripts to attack other computers on the network, or can create damage to the equipment of the data center or any other equipment located in the network, you can not post sites that violate copyright or applicable laws in the country of server location – it is strictly prohibited resources sending spam, it prohibited the use of server resources for the organization of hacker attacks, of DDoS attacks and similar actions.

Renting a dedicated server - the best solution, if necessary, placing a "heavy" resource with a large attendance. Choosing the affordable dedicated server from DCXV, you will not incur additional costs for the installation of the server, the payment of electricity consumed, rent ports, rack space, and so on. All of these costs are already included in the price of the server.

We offer servers with both the administration of our experts, and without it. In the second case, all the administrative tasks and server configuration you will solve on your own. Services for server administration by DCXV experts are free. Check DCXV affordable dedicated server services and make sure that it is one of the best hosting companies in Europe.