EU order in Europe dedicated server hosting company DCXV

How to order in Europe dedicated server?

Get the most from hosting can only with the help of a dedicated machine. A server that does not have to share with anyone allows systematically and confidently allocate your resources. «Rush Hour», DDoS-attacks on neighbors, all of the RAM and speed - all this terrible reality of shared hosting. In Europe dedicated server gets rid of all this, and it provides true freedom on the Internet.

Best hosting

A good website with ten thousand visitors a day, with original scripts, with all the provisions of the Protocol and the high level of safety can not be close to someone on server. He needs all the power and server performance. Score goes to the millisecond, kilobits and megahertz. It makes no sense to look for the perfect fare for a powerful shared web project. Only in Europe dedicated server will meet the "appetite" the largest online retailers, the gaming portal with its own forum or another serious Internet resource.

Dedicated server

Full server for a site - is not a whim of the webmaster. Shared hosting can declare more parameters of RAM and CPU. But it does not give the main thing - the guarantee. There is no assurance that the desired moment you will get all-inclusive power. For RAM and processor speed will have to stand in queue. And the more the host accounts are on server, the later you will use its tariffs. These are the rules of shared hosting. That is why DCXV offers powerful solution of located in Europe dedicated server with excellent service.

Benefits of located in Europe dedicated server for your business

  • Geographical diversification of risks

Uninterrupted operation of the company by placing redundant systems at the site overseas. Geographical distance of IT infrastructure from a high-risk area.

  • Security

Preservation of valuable information, even in the most adverse situations, protection from erroneous or malicious acts. Considerable leeway to implement emergency measures. Lack of business vulnerability to pressure government agencies across the IT infrastructure.

  • Confidentiality

Clearly the exhaust of personal data protection mechanism. Minimum requirements for personal data for processing. Guaranteed compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The standard configuration of located in Europe dedicated server is activated within 2-4 business days of payment. For individual configuration change activation time may increase slightly. After the activation server, you will receive an email with the data access to the KVM console to manage your server and install the operating system, if you do not choose to install our experts.