Euro hosting soluion in Europe

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Today in there is a large number of different hosting providers. As in any market, some remain inside their own country, and some export services abroad. As a rule, these hosting companies later become large companies with a large staff of employees. This feature becomes an invaluable plus for the end user. The stability of Euro hosting itself and the quality of support are directly dependent on employees. It should be noted that many post-Soviet companies carry out the transfer of their sites to Western European hosting, because they are afraid of harassment by law enforcement agencies.

Service prices, as a rule, are determined by such criteria:

- the number of web projects that are hosted on the same account;

- Disk quota (the disk space allocated for placing of web resources);

- the period for which the hosting is purchased.

Why Euro hosting is so popular?

Most hosting providers in European countries practice providing users with a test period. On how the testing will take place and depends in many respects on the decision to purchase hosting. The best providers offer hosting with uptime equal to 99.9%. This ensures that there is no disruption to the web resource and high download speed.

If you want to host your site on international hosting, read the legislation of the country. This will help to avoid unexpected troubles. By the way, in Europe there are many providers that offer Russian-language technical support. More often than in other European countries, the owners of Russian-language sites choose hosting in Germany.

Order a dedicated server, VPS with hosting in data centers or dedicated hosting of EU hosting providers. The Euro hosting service includes high-quality technical support in Russian/English and convenient payment methods.

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