Domain web hosting in Europe

Domain web hosting: best solutions from DCXV Company

Hosting and domain - these are concepts that define the site location on the Internet. The first one provides the necessary storage space for your "child" in the network, and the second - for its online address. And so, as soon as you have faced the problem of placing the site, information about domain web hosting is simply vital.

Domain and hosting - what it is and why

Site needs somewhere to live - it is a certainty. After all, if he will just exist on your computer, then no one but you and your friends will not see it. Therefore, it is necessary to look for new fields, which can be an excellent way to place your creation. What is worth mentioning in the first place, hosting and domain - is the concept of leased, that is, you can not get them forever, you have to periodically pay for them a certain amount. For example, the minimum domain of the order period is a year, and domain web hosting - a month.

Choosing a domain

The first step is to choose an appropriate name for the site. While seemingly simple, but in reality it is much more difficult to exercise. Most euphonious names and common words are already occupied by other sites. Liked the name you want to check for the presence of history and search for it in the web archive. If under the selected name previously housed poor quality sites, doorway pages, parking pages, it is better to abandon it. If there is no history or the domain occupied by the attractive page, you can safely register and get domain web hosting.

It is best to choose a second-level domains such as, instead The chosen name should be as short and memorable, easy to read. Hyphens should be avoided.

Register your name can be both registrars and resellers. Good resellers offer low prices and a good level of support. A domain name can also be obtained for free by buying domain web hosting.

You can purchase an old domain. It is better to use the forums or auction. The advantage of such names is the presence of interest for search engines. The disadvantage may be the existence of sanctions that reduce indexing speed and position of the site in the SERP.

When you register you need to specify only the actual data. Some registrars even need to present supporting documents. Hide domain data from viewing by unauthorized users, as a rule, is free.

You always can test domain web hosting for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.