Dedicated Windows server hosting

Choose dedicated Windows server hosting in Europe from DCXV Company

Dedicated Windows server hosting - a service based on the basis of professional equipment that meets the highest requirements for data availability and resource productivity, while maintaining flexibility and control over the equipment with Windows operating systems. At the disposal of DCXV - hundreds of servers and components that allows the customer to choose the best solution within your budget or configure the server to suit individual business needs in the most appropriate geographic location throughout Europe.

Configure your dedicated Windows server hosting

Use our handy calculator for selecting the required configuration of your dedicated Windows server hosting, as well as to select the desired software and additional services of the data center. Select one of the models that are ready to work, or to configure your server online and get quick installation, no minimum contract period and guarantee the replacement of faulty equipment.

DCXV offers dedicated Windows server hosting

We offer dedicated servers (dedicated server) hosting. This dedicated Windows server hosting - is the best hosting for sites with large traffic data volumes. Such a server is more expensive than a regular website hosting, but if you are the owner of the company, whose activities are directly dependent on the stable operation of the service, server rental - this is exactly what you need. We have many different server configurations and we will provide equipment for your needs.DCXV specialists provide full support for the hosting and maintenance of the server, its administration and monitoring. We do not see the traffic, but consider it and stipulate. The most used operating systems: FreeBSD, Windows, Linux CentOS. For us providing of dedicated Windows server hosting is one of our priorities.

"I want to buy a dedicated server!" Yes, this is possible. You can buy a dedicated server, and we will allocate it in our data center. This service is called colocation (placement of a dedicated server). We can also buy a dedicated server for you at competitive prices and to place it on your site. In this case, we will provide paid support for this server (replacement of components, maintenance work).

We offer dedicated Windows server hosting, from the company DCXV and we guarantee the quality, safety and reliability of your design at an affordable price.