Dedicated windows hosting in Europe

Reasons to choose dedicated windows hosting in Europe

With the company DCXV you will be provided with high-quality and trouble-free  dedicated Windows hosting rental. Trouble-free equipment and unlimited communication capabilities based on Windows Server 2012 will enable adaptively configure a virtual server for any of your needs. We will help you to calculate the optimal cost and give the test period to get acquainted.

Powerful effective physical machine

Despite the fact that every day resourceful people create new ways of working with information, which are becoming more difficult and sometimes more convenient, server rent remains the only option for a more or less serious network projects. Benefits, which has a  dedicated Windows hosting, especially became apparent in the modern world.

Flexibility in server settings

Second, dedicated Windows hosting server rental enables customers to choose the operating system, almost without any restrictions install their own software, configure it on your own, ask the necessary hardware characteristics, and so on. D. This is due to the fact that a dedicated server is isolated from other systems so the user can do with it whatever he wants, including scale it up to the highest limits. This advantage is especially important for corporate users and those who have a promising business in the Internet, in accordance with the development and expansion of which, the "main" computer can be loaded more and more, of course, provided to its specification limits.

Speed and security

Today, Web sites are becoming more functional and therefore require more power and speed server information, configuration flexibility, efficiency in management, reliability, and stability, which is very important security data stored on it. All of the above as much as possible can provide a dedicated hardware platform with the best ratio of price and quality.


Choosing to rent dedicated Windows hosting server in one of the largest data centers in Lithuania can be justified by the fact that in case of equipment failure it instantly change, which ensures extremely high degree of efficiency and effectiveness of resource based on it is confirmed by the statistics, which says that Europe is a world leader in network infrastructure and the qualification of its IT- service personnel. Thus, dedicated server from DCXV today - is the server the highest level, suitable for any kind of problems.

You can find dedicated Windows hosting server solutions on DCXV site.