Dedicated web server hosting in Europe

Is dedicated web server hosting reliable?

Now there is plenty of Server Products on consumer market t. The most popular is dedicated web server hosting. We will now describe it. The essential difference from the virtual version is the possibility of renting fully. For example, shared hosting portal includes a small amount of space for each of a plurality of web-sites, located on a single server source and served by one provider. In the case of dedicated Web server - what is this and how exactly to distribute it - you decide at its discretion. Find the product you need in a special data center. As a rule, it is isolated on a separate power line, internet channel, as well as their own place in the rack.

Review of dedicated web server hosting

The lease of this source allows a person to get access to absolutely all the parameters of the system. Users will be able to install any software completely, as usual, and even selfmade, which, by the way, is not allowed to do by any Web hosting through their Virtual Hosting.

Dedicated web server hosting are:


self administrated.

Support usually involves rebooting on request and reinstall the operating system if necessary (which can occur if the software crashes or gave his attackers hacked). Please note that technical support levels can be very different depending on the company options that include a qualified service personnel, hours of time reserved for the service personnel, the complexity of the problem.

A dedicated web server hosting - is aware by experienced professionals. Such are ready to offer you complete with the necessary software and more reliable network security for all used and stored data therein.

What to put attention at during the dedicated web server hosting choice?

To choose a reliable source, it is mandatory to pay attention at:

  • connection port;

  • the total thickness of the channel, the volume of their reserves;

  • the ability to upgrade (includes installation and an additional hard drive or a significant amount of memory);

  • the opportunity to purchase additional IP if necessary.

Why do so many think about the using dedicated web server hosting source? The fact is that the current experts note the visible effects of its use. In particular, its advantages are:

1. The stability and reliability of all the connected sources independently.

2. Ensuring high-speed access to a particular resource along with its reliable and trouble-free operation.