Dedicated web server in Europe

Where to get reliable and useful dedicated web server? In Europe?

If your project is not just a simple websites and e-mail server, but solves more complex tasks, it requires the appropriate environment and resources. We offer powerful and reliable solution where your project will be provided with everything necessary for stable and efficient operation.

Renting a Windows dedicated web server in our data center will provide you with not only ample opportunities for your projects, but also high-quality equipment on the most favorable terms. Buying or renting a server on Windows on one of our sites provides a fully-equipped, fully configured, ready-to-use dedicated Windows server.

Our service allows you not to waste your personal time on ensuring the operability of the equipment, as technical support is carried out by our staff. Also one of the advantages of a leased server is the lack of the need to service and deal with hardware - our experts will do it for you. Administering a dedicated server, updating software and fixing errors can provide round-the-clock technical support at your request.

High technical performance

If you decided to get a dedicated web server , then it has sufficient power. If the reserves of power are not enough, then they can be quickly replenished. This is done when it is planned to increase the visitors of one page or increase the amount of content, text or graphic.

Confidentiality of information

All information that is on private server can not be copied for use by third parties. More often the provider gives a full guarantee of safety of personal data to those who leases a dedicated server.

Stability and high uptine of the server

If you rent server from a European provider, you can not think about the possibility that there may be interruptions or stops in the work of the portal. All reliable providers initially conduct tests of equipment that are leased to the user and give a guarantee that it works correctly and does not break at an unexpected moment. The user can be absolutely calm that the equipment taken on lease will not break, but will work clearly and without downtime.

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