Dedicated web hosting server in Europe

What dedicated web hosting servers can do for you?

Dedicated Server - is a type of hosting with which the client is provided with entirely separate physical machine (as opposed to a complete virtual hosting). It is typically used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with the same or other projects have high demands on resources.

Using dedicated web hosting servers in the business sector

Full access to both software and hardware

It should be noted that the owner of dedicated web hosting servers has absolute access to hardware and software. He can change the configuration of your computer, install any operating system, to carry out any technical work, and it does not affect the work of other services and servers. In addition to the dedicated server is often used for access KVM / IP, which gives a great opportunity to set up the BIOS and software remotely.

Network security

The database server be can on a separate machine to the attacker, who got root access on a web server, could not spoil the database, because it is not the entire SQL will be allowed, but only a specific set of stored procedures, through which a great deal of harm to put is simply impossible.

Computer unloading

Imagine that the database server consumes so much computing power that neither the FTP server or a Web server can not run longer exactly on a given machine. In this case, the database is located on a special dedicated web hosting servers.

Ensuring uninterrupted access

If the database and dedicated web hosting servers are located on different machines, in the exercise of what some technical works on the web server, users can have full access to the database.

The dedicated web hosting servers use in computer games

Game Dedicated Server - a server multiplayer game where running a game server component (without it being on the player). If there is a server version for Unix-like operating systems, it is usually prefer it.