dedicated VPS solutions

All you need to know about dedicated VPS solutions from DCXV Company

Advantages of VPS

Dedicated VPS unlike standard virtual hosting gives guarantee resources availability of established sites. In the virtual server is always a guaranteed minimum capacity without changing the load on the rest of the sites on the physical server. Additionally, the dedicated VPS can use more resources if they are not required in the other currently users.

Dedicated VPS owner gets full root-access to directories and virtual server resources, being able to install it on any software, development tools and daemon-tools. Installing the operating system (by the customer) are engaged by DCXV experts, but after the final testing and tuning, VPS owner can configure the system themselves.

The client is not responsible for provided a physical server, which hosts VPS. In case of any technical problems with the dedicated VPS equipment, it will be solved by DCXV experts .

DCXV hosting provider Physical servers use the latest hardware virtualization technology XEN. Hardware virtualization allows full capacity to use all the features of modern processors, and set on a dedicated VPS absolutely any operating system.

Physical servers are located in one of the largest data centers in Lithuania, with a wide channel in EU-IX and in the world. The data center is equipped with modern ventilation and fire suppression systems, has two independent input power channels. All VPS are based on the modern physical servers Supermicro using RAID 5 for maximum speed and safety of the virtual server. Access to the dedicated VPS is available via ssh and vnc.

After you order and pay for the VPS, you can use a fully configured dedicated VPS in 10 minutes. The whole process of installation and activation is carried out without the use of operators, because lead time is irrelevant.

DCXV Technical Support Policy

Installing the operating system from the list of available distributions.

Switching on and off, restart the virtual server with control panel.

Supports an unlimited number of domains on our DNS servers (primary and secondary).

Installing ISPmanager Lite control panel on request.

When ordering a dedicated VPS you get at the disposal of a running operating system according to the selected distribution. Upon request, the server can be set to the control panel. All the steps for installing and configuring the software you run on your own. You always can test dedicated VPS from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales