Dedicated virtual server or VPS DCXV

Try new hosting for dedicated virtual server in Europe

Dedicated virtual server or VPS is leasing hosting with which the client receives a software emulation of real physical server. At the same time on the same dedicated server machine can be located several services suitable for websites, portals, blogs and other resources to the different activities and attendance. We offer to rent a VPS server, which has all the advantages of a real, physical server or to use a more economical way - renting dedicated virtual server.

Order DCXV dedicated virtual server rental service can be done by the order form on the page. Rental services of dedicated virtual server will approach owners of large and developing online stores and e-commerce sites, where fast transfer of information is important in the real world. Since this is a real profit, it is extremely important quality and trouble-free operation of the server, as well as the ability to scale capacity and confidentiality.

Today virtual server and high quality hosting acquire companies of different levels and focus that create enterprise portals and customer sites, which have become an indispensable tool in business.

In addition, dedicated virtual server and VPS hosting requires reliable information resources, actively developing projects periodically experiencing traffic bursts, as administrators of innovative projects with high load working on "Bitrix" CMS and the use of the "1C-Bitrix" cluster edition.

The main advantages of dedicated virtual server:

The ideal ratio of categories of "price" and "quality" of services;

Get full access to administrator rights;

You are able to configure all the main parameters of the OS;

If necessary, it is also possible to change the system derictories, add and edit any files and their own versions of the system;

Assigning a unique IP-address.

In addition, there are a number of other advantages, among which in the first place there is the provision of dedicated virtual server hosting with an extremely high level of security (and this is the main difference from the standard VDS hosting solutions). Server rental does not require initial investments are rather high, virtually eliminated the risk of investment loss.