Dedicated UK server from DCXV

Why dedicated UK server from DCXV is so popular?

Rental of dedicated UK server allows you to get to the user equipment required powerful performance with advanced features for the management of the company, enterprise or virtual network of stores without having to purchase expensive hardware. The service includes providing the client with a single physical server with the right to extend its service life.

Features advanced equipment can reliably save significant amounts of information, create and place enormous, labor-intensive projects, and also to work with incompatible system applications. In the period of the lease, the client becomes a full-fledged server host. This makes it possible to install the software and use it within the law of the country in which the equipment is located.

Dedicated UK server: the indisputable advantages of modern features

On the background of of the rapid development of IT-technologies, the demand for rental of servers in the UK is increasing due to strong fundamental base. It is able to provide uninterrupted stable operation of small and large enterprises, to maintain the confidentiality of information posted and provide the basis for the installation of specific software.

DCXV offers each customer profitable dedicated UK server because of its own needs for a variety of reasons. Namely:

1. Complete freedom in the choice of the operating system (Linux, Windows or Esxi) and on the software control panel (web hosting control panel cPanel, ISPmanager, Plesk).

2. Impressive power reserve for various projects.

3. Choice of the finished model, or the formation of an independent server configurations.

It is important

Only we have all the server control panel and OS Linux (CentOS, etc.) includinng our basic administration! Ordering dedicated UK server with DCXV Company even a novice will be able to host your site without any knowledge of the server software!

Presents standard configurations that can be customized to fit your needs, as well as the possible selection of individual configuration.