Dedicated storage server in Europe

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To protect data from unforeseen circumstances, its partial damage or total loss, you should regularly back up valuable data on a remote server. In this case, the necessary files, documents, or programs can be stored. Dedicated storage server - an ideal solution for backup of important data, databases, and files.

Dedicated storage server can be used as a backup for programs, websites and databases, as a backup for photos, video and audio materials, space for any needs. Access to the file server is carried out by means of ftp-protocol or web-based interface. You can download or upload files to the server, as well as having a safe and secure storage of your data out of the office.

Advantages of dedicated storage server

The high speed of information exchange. We offer high performance characteristics of server rental powerful platform that ensures high stability and reliability of your website. Only we have the ability to upload files large enough in size that provides even greater functionality for the website owner.

Rent of dedicated storage server - it is also a guarantee of multi-level information protection from virus attacks, or loss of information due to the fault-tolerant RAID disk arrays. Renting our server, completely eliminating the need for ensuring the protection of information, its backup and recovery in case of failures. This will make sure we are giving you a reliable server.

In most cases, rent of dedicated storage server ischeaper than buying your own server and content as on your shoulders do not go to issues such as adjustment of the equipment, maintenance, access to the Internet backbone. Plus, you will have to design their own information protection systems, antivirus and acquire a license to carry out a regular database backup.

Rent of dedicated storage server solves all of these issues greatly facilitate your task at a lower cost, both in cost and time. On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated storage server and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.