Dedicated storage server in Europe

Choose dedicated storage server from DCXV Company

If your project involves high demands for performance and security, an ideal option in this case - to rent a dedicated storage server. DCXV offers server of any configuration, so with us you can easily get the server the same configuration and by the tariff plan which best fit for your business.

A dedicated storage server is a kind of the opposite of the virtual server as well as a dedicated servermeans that in this case the user may be allotted a separate physical machine. Dedicated server is required in the case of increased requirements for resources, or in the event that the project can not for some reason to coexist with other projects on the same server. So, dedicated server just needs to process large volumes of information (for example, a database server). Also, dedicated server provides uninterrupted operation of the system if, for example, a database and Web server are on different machines.

We create the most favorable conditions for the placement of dedicated storage server in our data centers. Because of this, and thanks to the widest selection of packages, configurations, and software, namely server rent with DCXV is the best solution for all those who chose to rent a server for your business. Here you can order a dedicated storage server with full or partial administration, as well as all additional services necessary to dedicated servers are used as efficiently as possible and with maximum comfort. You can choose a dedicated server with any operating system and quickly agree on its installation and administration capabilities with our technical department. We also provide round the clock monitoring of your dedicated server and the corresponding technical support.

So, dedicated storage server rent from DCXV gives you several advantages:

- Server rent with us will provide up to eight dedicated IP-address;

-The ability to manage dedicated server at a distance: through Virtual Media feature, you can even download and reinstall the system on request;

- Unlimited bandwidth;

- Clock technical support.

Dedicated storage server with DCXV - always the safety, reliability and high performance.