Dedicated SQL server in Europe

Get dedicated SQL server in Europe from DCXV Company

Post a site on the Internet can be one of several ways: you can order virtual hosting, rent a VPS or dedicated server. If you are using shared hosting, your site shares the disk space, resources and channel communication with other sites. Purchase or rent the dedicated SQL server allows you to get at their disposal all the resources, including the internet channel.

Each approach to solving the problem of posting the site has its own characteristics and is optimal in individual cases. For example, in EU, dedicated servers are suitable for large-scale web resources, occupy a lot of space and with a large attendance. Please find the main advantages of dedicated SQL server rental.


Server Response Time, in the case of shared hosting services, is largely determined by the state of other sites hosted on the server. For example, the download speed of your website could change if neighboring sites get more traffic. Using shared server does not allows the control of these nuances. Dedicated SQL server provide you with full control over the process.


Dedicated SQL server allows you to install any required operating system and software to carry out their individual settings. If you need to run specialized or custom applications, databases, renting dedicated servers - this is the best choice.


As the site of increased traffic, increased demands on the software. In this regard, there may be need to be upgraded. The possibilities of virtual hosting is usually only allow you to increase storage space. upgrading the hard drive, CPU, RAM, at its discretion, can be performed only when renting a dedicated SQL server.

DCXV hosting provider offers dedicated servers on favorable terms. Customers who take advantage of our offer, have at their disposal the following set of advantages:

Favourable cost server rentals;

The high speed of software installation and configuration

High incoming and outgoing port speed on the dedicated SQL server for users in the country, and foreign visitors;

We offer dedicated servers, which meet modern requirements.

On DCXV site you can find dedicated SQL server and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.