Dedicated server UK

Rental of dedicated server UK from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

Sometimes it may happen that a virtual server (VDS / VPS) power is not enough for your projects. In this case, you need to get install dedicated server UK. When you purchase this service, you have a fully stocked, set up a dedicated server with the operating system of your choice, located in the data center in the UK.

Key features of the company DCXV

The dedicated server UK can be rented for a variety of purposes. For example, most of all, this service is used by customers who want to run an Internet portal with great potential or organize the server for your company and much more. The server can be located in the UK. At the same time the main OS can be Windows or Linux.

If customers have their own Windows license, you can significantly save money and rent an IPMI server, installing the operating system in the future on your own. Also it helps to reduce costs and that the dedicated server UK will not be able to administer the company's specialists. In this case, the clients themselves establish all the necessary control and configuration for own needs. Of course, if necessary, the initial setup and OS installation will be carried out free of charge by professional programmers of our company.

Advantages of a dedicated server UK:

  1. You yourself completely install and configure your server from scratch, will work only those services that you need.

  2. C dedicated server you will never come across the fact that someone from the users of virtual hosting launch "dangerous" script and at the same time and paralyzes your site.

  3. You will no longer suffer from DDoS-attacks aimed at other users's sites.

The disadvantages of a dedicated server UK:

  • Additional labor intensity settings with no experience.

  • The complexity of technical support.

  • Typically, administration and support of paid service as opposed to shared hosting.

On DCXV site you can find dedicated server UK and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your need.