Dedicated server management VPS hosting in Europe

Parameters you need to consider choosing dedicated server management

When more than 10 users connected to the network the one rank network, where computers and act as clients and servers may not be sufficiently productive. Therefore, most networks use dedicated servers. Dedicated is a computer that functions only as a server. They are specially optimized for fast processing of requests from network clients and to have maximum dedicated server management. Server-based network are currently the industry standard.

With the increase of network size and network traffic it is necessary to increase the number of servers. The distribution of tasks among several servers ensures that each task is performed by the most efficient possible way.

Nowdays corporate networks use different types of servers is of particular relevance. It is therefore necessary to consider all possible nuances that can occur when the network growth, in order to change the role of a specific server in the future did not affect the performance of the entire network. Also company will need a specialist in dedicated server management.

DCXV gives you the examlpe of parameters you need to consider choosing dedicated server management.

The value of the software.

Network Server - is primarily a software rather than computer hardware. In modern operating environment UNIX / Linux systems, and OS / 2 server is a program running on behalf of a user, and is not part of opertsionnoy system. This was made possible due to a well thought-out modular design of both the operating system and interfaces OC-application. In principle, anyone possessing the necessary expertise in the field of network and application programming, can be really good in dedicated server management.

Resource Sharing.

The server is designed to provide access to a large number of client resources while providing high performance and security. Administration and management of access to the data is centralized. Resources typically also centrally located, thus increasing their safety, and facilitates their maintenance and support.


One of the major goals administrator must focus oh in the process of dedicated server management is data security.

Backing up data.

Since the vital information is centralized, ie focused on one or more servers, it is easy to ensure regular backups.

The redundancy.

The another important matter in dedicated server management to insure that data are duplicated in real-time hardware and software server means. This ensures that in the event of damage to the main storage area of the data information is lost.


As users' computers do not perform service functions to other network users to the hardware and software requirements can be reduced. The network of hundreds and thousands of users, users of the division of resources would require a huge investment in the management.

You can find theese and many more specifications about dedicated server management on DCXV site.