Dedicated server low cost

Does your small business need dedicated server low cost

Renting dedicated server low cost dedicated server - is the use of the provided server only for tasks of your project with the ability to freely dispose of the machine resources and the installation of any software. The service is used when you need to store large amounts of data, placing demanding projects for applications incompatible with virtualization systems, and solves the problem of projects with specific requirements for the server configuration.

Every person engaged in small business is definitely thinking about how to save money, but sooner or later a situation arises where you need to develop further and is no longer possible to deny the need for a dedicated server low cost, especially when it comes to e-commerce sites. There comes a time when virtual hosting simply can not withstand the amount of visitors and your site can be slow and as a result you will lose customers or sales.

Recent research conducted by Scottish scientists showed that each hour of downtime costsfor small business an average of 163.674 US dollar, in terms of both the resources of large corporations as well as individual entrepreneurs. On average, the site of any company in the year is not available within 27 hours, and it may affect the income of no less than 22 percent.

Small business ca`t afford to lose that money, and here it becomes that dedicated server low cost is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, a reliable investment in the future that will pay off handsomely over again.

Whatever was good and attractive your site, if you do not place it on a reliable platform - a dedicated server low cost - it will not bring you the maximum return. Thus, a dedicated server low cost for a small business to a certain stage of development is help.

DCXV offers two packages of dedicated server low cost

Renting a dedicated server - a service for projects and web-based applications that require high performance, security and reliability.

Basic configuration

Dedicated physical server installed on the operating system of the client's choice (Linux / FreeBSD), and a standard set of software. Dedicated server low cost designed for customers with expertise and resources for self-administer the server. For all the basic configuration packages available root-access.

Server Administration + admin panel

The server is fully configured and with optimized hosting platform by DCXV administrators . All efforts by the administration of a dedicated server (performance monitoring, software updates, data backup) takes over the technical service of DCXV. To control server provides a convenient control panel.

On DCXV site you can find dedicated server low cost and prices of other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.