Dedicated Servers in Europe

Dedicated Servers in Europe with unlimited channel from DCXV Company

Dedicated servers are an ideal solution for IT professionals and companies that require significant resources for running Internet projects and applications. Renting server in DCXV`s data center you will provided with a powerful and secure platform without the financial costs of equipment and special premises, not to mention an uninterrupted Internet channel and a staff of staff to service server equipment. Hosting servers from DCXV is a wise solution for your business.

Our dedicated servers in Europe give customers the optimal balance between budget limit and technical requirements. You have the choice of the number and type of disks (HDD or SSD), the amount of RAM, the configuration of the processor. If you want, you can also order a hardware RAID controller. No additional bills for exceeding traffic limits! You do not need to pay separately for installing a dedicated server and an OS with a package of necessary applications. All our actions are aimed at maximum user support and ensuring optimal operation of the machine. We are happy to advise you on the most appropriate tariff, based on considerable experience working with various projects on the network.

With DCXV dedicated servers in Europe you are getting that have:

Exceptional performance. At any time of the day or night, all server resources work only on your site.

Maximum responsiveness. The favorable location of the server will significantly increase the responsiveness of your website to your customers and has a positive SEO effect.

We know our work. Our staff will help you find the right server, customize the server software and transfer the data of your site to a dedicated server.

Servers from the world brands. We value our reputation and provide servers only from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation - Supermicro, IBM, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

Full access and control. Full root access - unlimited capabilities in the configuration of server software, security and control of the operation of all server components.

Find out more about the dedicated servers in Europe as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.