Dedicated server Germany in Europe

Why dedicated server Germany is so popular?

The lease of a server assumes the ability to manage a computer hardware platform, without sharing its resources with other users of the hosting. The service of server renting includes server connection to the Internet at a speed of 100 Mbps, optionally it is possible to increase the connection speed.

Rented servers are located in German data centers, which allows us to provide high-performance server configurations at competitive prices.

Renting a dedicated server Germany is necessary to ensure high speed and reliability of Internet applications, e-commerce database systems, enterprise applications, file servers, 1C servers, online game servers and other projects.

A dedicated server is also needed for applications with increased requirements for computational resources written in the programming languages PHP, Javascript, Java, C ++, Perl, Python. Server hosting solutions presented by us are suitable for hosting a wide range of software.

DCXV offers the lease of dedicated server Germany

Rent a server in Germany or any other European country is very profitable. The quality of the services is high, the care and service is at a good level. Professionals of DCXV provide users with all necessary equipment. It is already debugged, configured and ready to go. The Internet channel works stably, no interruptions and problems. Russia does not yet have such opportunities.

If you compare Russian servers and German, the difference will be very large. Unfortunately, not in favor of the former. Find a good, working without interruptions, an Internet channel in Russia is not so simple. No hosting in this country will not give a 100-percent guarantee of trouble-free operation. Usually justified by technical work. But the users of this excuse does not reassure. In Europe, these problems (technical work) are discussed with customers in advance.

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