Dedicated server with protection against DDos

Get dedicated server with protection against DDos in Europe from DCXV Company

Why is srever with protection so popular?The chances of becoming an object of a DDoS attack are very high, and there are many such attempts. The purpose of a DDoS attack is to make the server, service or infrastructure unavailable by overloading the server's bandwidth or monopolizing its resources until it is completely depleted. During a DDoS attack, a large number of requests are simultaneously sent from a large number of points from the entire Internet. The intensity of such a "cross fire" makes the service providing unstable, or worse, unavailable.

DCXV (Xivicom) is a hosting provider with excellent protection against DDos attacks and hosting services provided from 2013. DCXV dedicated server with protection against DDos was created 3 years ago in order to provide the demand for a secure and reliable hosting of Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers across Europe. The data center of our hosting is located in the jurisdiction of the European Union. We purchase the newest server equipment from SuperMicro, Juniper and Cisco and we are proud to note that our hosting can be rated as the best quality hosting provider. Free protection against DDos attacks is provided with each server product offered by hosting company DCXV.

How does dedicated server with protection against DDos works?

The mechanism of defense against DDOS attacks is based on a network of geo-allocated filters connected to a high-speed Internet channel. All incoming traffic is analyzed for anomalies and non-standard network activity, which guarantees a protection against 95% of known types of DDoS attacks, including those implemented through distributed botnets (botnets).

When ordering protection from DDoS, you need to specify:

Main purpose of using such service

Number of IP addresses to protect

Desired measures to protect against DDoS

Based on the information provided by you, we will build a security strategy tailored to the specifics of your project. For popular use of the server (web server, application server, DNS server), special protection templates are developed.