Dedicated server with good channel soluion in Europe

Try our new dedicated server with good channel soluion in Europe

Such service is usually needed for a site (or several sites) of the company that generates an impressive amount of traffic or consumes a lot of system resources (is the result of a large amount of traffic). Typically, the server is configured and managed by the hosting provider, thereby saving you on the server administration specialist. Also, the use of a dedicated server does not require you to organize a network (the purchase of routers (router, router) and other network devices).

Renting a dedicated server with good channel from DCXV (Xivicom) you can be calm for its security, stability of operation, fast and qualified technical support at any time of the day or night. If necessary, the client is allocated remote access to the equipment through connection to the KVM server.

You can select ready-made configurations among the servers offered on the site and get access to the network in the near future. You can also choose the necessary components and do not overpay for unused capacity or memory. We will always choose an individual solution for the specific requirements of the client and we will assemble a server that will completely suit you both technically and with related services and competitive price.

DCXV guaratees the stable work and quick set up

Installation of dedicated server with good channel in 24-72 hours

Servers in EU will be activated within 24-72 hours, if the components are not available - the manager will contact you and inform about the changes in the activation time. If you need an "instant" server - write to us, maybe we will have an individual offer for you.

Discounts up to 15%

Our company has a flexible system of discounts. So when you pay for a server for 3 months, you get a 5% discount, when paying for a server for 6 months - a discount of 10%. If you decide to pay for the server for 12 months, then the discount for server rental and additional. Equipment will be 15%.

Managment of server

Servers are provided without administration, that is all issues with the software and OS are manaded by the client alone or by our specialists on a fee basis. Reboot, reinstall the OS and fix hardware problems - are free of charge.

Find out more about the dedicated server with good channel as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.