Dedicated server Windows

Why dedicated server Windows is so popular?

DCXV provides dedicated servers in data centers in Russia, Europe and the United States. Our experience as a hosting provider - more than 4 years, the last 2 years due to the introduction of reliable technologies is the average uptime of 99.99%. We provide customers with around the clock support, study each project individually and select the configuration for specific tasks. We only work with well-known hardware manufacturers such as Dell and Supermicro. A range of sophisticated services (transfer of the project, up to 7 IP-addresses, round the clock monitoring and access), we provide free of charge, as part of the subscription fee. Our most popular service is dedicated server Windows rent.

Renting a dedicated server - the service, without which it is impossible to do a commercial entity if its activities are connected with high activity in the Internet space. Despite the high level of service we offer our customers to order dedicated server Windows for most democratic prices.

DCXV Hosting Company offers the rent dedicated server Windows (dedicated servers with Windows monthly rental license) at an affordable price. Taking the rent "on Windows» server you get the opportunity to use licensed software, without having to buy an expensive box-version.

You can select the appropriate version of Windows to be installed on your dedicated server Windows. Perform installation, you can yourself or take the help of our experts. In the second case, the installation costs 10 Euro (remember that Linux is set us free).

You have the following options for dedicated server Windows:

• Installing the necessary you Apache versions, PHP, PERL, the required set of modules.

• Support is prepared to provide optimally customized Apache versions 1.3 and 2, PHP, PERL, other modules as a standard setting, working successfully on our servers, virtual hosting.

• Remote control of the server - start, stop, its own system reliability. Your server is independent of the other sites of errors, and other modules, scripts. In case of failure of other sites, or even maintenance work on the server your personal server will continue to operate.

• Free unmoderated run their own CGI modules (Windows), Apache modules.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server Windows and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.