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Dedicated server reviews from DCXV Company

Review of data centers to rent servers or thing that require your attention.

Many site owners eventually reflect on the performance of their business rising. Pressures are growing, visitors are comming but the site speed is less and less. At some point in time it becomes clear that to accelerate the site itself is already problematic due to "improper" or "slow" hosting. And here we find problems. From one hand, we already need to take a full-fledged server, on the other hand we do not have information how and where to do it. That is why we decided to writw about dedicated server reviews.

Because the nature of our business, we constantly have to create a server for high-load projects for our customers, for us this question is quite commonness. We put to your attention a great option ratio of performance and price!

We defined the required criteria for dedicated server reviews

1. The price must be reasonable.

The first thing you want to look at is the price, everything is simple, you should not try to find your own server on the price of a standard hosting with payment of 50 euros per year. That's funny. Even payment for the rent of a shabby stall in the village does not cost you less in our case we will stop at the limit of 100 euros per month.

2. The disk array - 3 discs

Yes, here we will have a problem in dedicated server reviews. Most tariffs offer 2 disk in the array, but this option has a very large flaw, the loss of one drive you get abuse free system and if the second disc replication will give at least one mistake, this is crash of your server. Tariffs on the same disc 4 and above, as a rule, extend far beyond the rate of 100 euros, and the speed of our server will be higher.

3. SSD

Only SSD drives as shown by further tests have several significant advantages especially for heavily loaded servers, only one absence during which the file is search. We are not talking about their performance.

4. 1 Gigabit channel. (Even if not guaranteed)

Strange at first look option, but let's count of 100 megabits is only 12 megabytes / second and this peak, the theoretical speed, the real is all of 10 megabytes, and peak-load and less. Having the speed of data exchange on the disk half a gigabyte per second and 10 MB on the external load. So we recommend in our dedicated server reviews 1 Gigabit not less

5. Local independent backup.

Local backup is needed, though not required, in this case, we take an extra hard drive to the system and pre-prepared backup files to send to the FTP will be stored on it.

All this parameters will help you to systematize dedicated server reviews and find the one which wll meet all your requirements.