Dedicated server providers

How to choose the One among plenty dedicated server providers.

If you are a manager responsible for the creation of a corporate website or online store, among many other solutions you will probably need to make and the decision on choosing dedicated server providers for your website.

If you go with your request to the Google or Yahoo, or look specialized catalogs, you will find thousands of offers hosters. Here are a few specific examples:

  • SIM-NETWORKS - German company, you can order reliable SSD hosting in Germany;

  • Hosting "Ukraine" - shared hosting, VPS / VDS, dedicated servers;

  • Coopertino — its tariff table is very easy to navigate because it contains only one option «Unlimited hosting sites»;

  • Hosting AvaHost - all kinds of traditional hosting services: shared hosting, VPS / VDS, dedicated servers.

  • Fast Hosting Fozzy - the company is positioning itself as a provider of fast hosting, which are used to provide SSD-drives, fast LiteSpeed web server, an accelerator for PHP scripts and stuff.

Many dedicated server providers provide high-quality virtual hosting thousands of customers and provide customers with a large dedicated servers is fundamentally different tasks requiring different competences from the host staff. Therefore, some dedicated server providers may specialize in providing virtual hosting and VPS hosting, and others in providing dedicated servers.

How to choose dedicated server providers for your website or online store? What to look for? Let's try to formulate some suggestions:

First of all you need to determine the type of hosting services that you require. The service must be commensurate with the size of your site. It is not necessary to rent a dedicated server for a small site on the other hand, do not try to cram complex projects within the framework of shared hosting.

As with choosing any other commodity, when choosing a hosting company's fame and history are important. You can ask reviews on specialized sites. It is true, keep in mind that negative reviews can post not only customers, but also competitors.

It is important where dedicated server providers are physically located. If your customers are in Russia, you need a hosting provider whose servers were located in Russian or European data centers. Even with today's good channels of the server in the US data center will slow down your site.

If we are talking about the speed of the site, keep in mind that right now there are two storage technologies. This is a traditional HDD drives and SSD drives. SSD drives are faster, but more expensive. But already there are providers who speak for SSD drives without extra charge.

If the dedicated server providers offer a free trial period, use it.

Ask whether working around the clock support service hosting provider.

We hope that these tips will help you make the right decision in the matter of choosing an appropriate task for your dedicated server providers.