Dedicated server low price

DCXV offers dedicated server low price in Europe

A dedicated server is typically used for hosting, in which the user is given a separate server for personal use. The opposite of it is a virtual server, where there is multiple accounts. This type of hosting is usually used for special web projects that are not able to get along with other resources and need full administrative access. Dedicated server low price provides to customers who rent them, significant advantages, which will be discussed further.

Firstly, the server belongs to the single user, which is a great advantage. The owner of such a server can independently choose the type of operating system, install programs that it wants to download, modify dedicated server low price configuration as user need. If the virtual server has to adapt to the host configuration, which sets the hoster.

Reasons to use

Dedicated servers allow any site load quickly enough, increasing the reliability of the site, as well as its defense. Rent of dedicated server low price is considered the best option for those users who need a lot of resources and computing power for all kinds of web projects.

Members receive a guaranteed isolation and safety with such services. Typically, the dedicated server low price also includes regular monitoring, which allows a computer to perform trouble-free operation. If your hosting service assumes to store large amounts of important information, a dedicated server is an ideal option in this case. After all, it prevents unauthorized access to information. Even if someone has gained access to the web server, it can not reach the database, which is stored in a separate location.

Discounts from DCXV

It should be noted that today dedicated server is more expensive than hosting but it's worth it. For successful running of your own business, effective website development, hire such a server is a prerequisite. In case of conclusion the contract for 3 months lesde - you get a discount on the cost of the server. But that's not all! In case of the contract renewal discount will be increased, which will allow you to reduce the cost of server lease.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server low price and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.