Dedicated server London

Choose reliable dedicated server London

Dedicated server London - a powerful equipment placed in one of the best data centers in the world. These servers are known for their resistance to DDoS attacks, a 10 Gb/s channel, unlimited traffic and a large number of IP-addresses, which makes them ideal for projects such as the internal and external network of companies, e-mail, CRM / ERP systems, tools for collaborative work remotely, the VPN, news resources and distribution, backup, and more. On the technical side, server performance is guaranteed main memory (RAM), which reaches up to 512 GB, and the processors having from 4 to 24 cores. With every dedicated server London we free offer assistance in the administration, which is carried out by our experienced administrators. Renting a dedicated server in London - is to work with the best equipment at the best price.

Reasons to choose dedicated server London

The newest data center in England, was opened in 2010 and the recent use of all modern types of backup power supply, internet channel systems as well as cooling systems. All servers in the data center are supplied with one of the most reliable suppliers and expensive server hardware from Dell. The prices for rent of dedicated server London remain quite affordable. It offers to servers only dedicated channels with guaranteed speed and unlimited traffic. All servers have the ability to upgrade their configurations as well as additional options such as a KVM over IP 24x7, usb-flash storage capacity of 2TB to 4TB, a hardware firewall Cisco, raid controller, and other options.

Dedicated server London will be placed in one of the most equipped data centers around the world. Thanks to the new cooling technology which is used in the data center server provided clients at a reduced price, the cooling system can save up to 90%, which means customers do not have to overpay. Moreover datacenter built on new technology without the use of raised floors and without racks, it allows for a more make effective cooling of the server by passing air flows through them without stopping the flow of air, which means your server lease will not overheat. Accessing servers have only highly qualified staff datacenter and protection, which monitors the work of the data center 24 hours a day through a video surveillance system, which is set around the data center.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server London and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.