Dedicated server hosting Windows

Lease of dedicated server hosting Windows in Europe

DCXV Company offers lease of dedicated server hosting Windows (dedicated servers with Windows monthly rental license) at an affordable price. Taking server in rent you get the opportunity to use licensed software, without having to buy an expensive box-version.

Rental of dedicated server hosting Windows is considered to be cost-effective solution for a variety of enterprises. Unlike other varieties like VPS and shared hosting you have full access to the server. It will be no other users and other projects. Also, you can separately select the optimal processor, memory, software, hard disk, network settings for maximum performance on Windows, Linux or FreeBSD.

Why dedicated server is more convient and smart to use

However, not everyone is aware that a dedicated server is different from the virtual. Dedicated server hosting Windows rental carries a lot of positive aspects:

The high level of performance. Typically, any dedicated resource has sufficient power reserves. Moreover, the lack of institutional resources can always be easily expanded.

Security and data protection. All data of an Internet portal, which are located on a dedicated server, you can not use in criminal or personal purposes because of the possibility of not being copied. In other words, it is fully protected against tampering by hackers.

Stability and reliability of operation. Renting a dedicated server hosting Windows, will minimizes the fear of a sudden crash and potential reptation and money loose. Data center running for a long time, so in addition to carrying out regular testing equipment provided by the customer, ensures full serviceability. The server does not fail at the most unexpected moment.

Finance savings. Renting a dedicated resource there is no nned to spens money for the purchase of heavy-duty equipment. The customer pays only for the cost of renting a dedicated server. In addition, employees of firms are always available to answer any questions, provide detailed advice regarding the hardware specifications that suit you best for the customer's intended purpose.

Thanks to our extensive experience and qualification data center employees each consumer receives the missing equipment for the task. The main condition is to use services of a reliable data center, like DCXV which has a high reputation, positive customer feedback and provides such services for a long time.

You can select the appropriate version of Windows dedicated server hosting Windows to be installed on your server. Perform installation, you can yourself or take the help of our experts. In the second case the cost of installation is 30 USD (remember that Linux is set us free).