Dedicated server hosting solution

Dedicated server hosting solution in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom)

A dedicated server - is name of the service for renting a dedicated physical server. A dedicated server is an excellent option for any task. You can use dedicated server hosting solution for a web site, or you can rent a server and use it as a remote server to your office: RDP, mail server, web server, or you can use it as a proxy to bypass strict internet laws in some countries. Dedicated server hosting solution can also be used to customize the game Dedicated Server (CS, CSS, DayZ, MineCraft, Arma, WoW, Lineage, Rust and many other popular games), as well as to provide related services (Team Speak, for example). It is also common to use dedicated servers in the financial environment: for 1C, the server for Forex, etc.

We offer dedicated server hosting solution in Europe

Rent a server in Europe is available in the Lithuanian in Tier 3 data center. There is a connection point to the LTH-IX traffic exchange and to the tens of upstream, which means the best possible connectivity. Rent a server in the data center in Lithuania is the best option for the remote server deployment in Europe since server located on the territory where the acts of the EU's jurisdiction, and, moreover, the cheapest remote servers which are available for rent in Europe are found in Lithuania or the Netherlands.

Windows Dedicated Servers

As an official partner of Microsoft, in addition to a dedicated Linux servers and the FreeBSD, DCXV also offer to buy a dedicated Windows server with a monthly license rental at a reasonable price. Using a Windows dedicated server hosting solution you will be provided not only with a licensed copy of a Windows server with the ability to quickly and easily get updates, but also an opportunity to significantly save money on the "box" purchase version of Windows Server.

Unmanaged dedicated server

To make the most of cheap dedicated server hosting solution, we offer our servers it does not administered. Do not administered by a dedicated server is the best option for experienced webmasters. You are free to install whatever you want, independently configure and manage the settings of your server. What will help you to save on a paid support with administration. We conduct free initial setup of a dedicated server, install the operating system of your choice and give you full root access to the server (admin access), and then you will be able to manage your server as you see fit. If you want to install an operating system on a dedicated server on their own - there is such a possibility, too.

SSD dedicated server

Another dedicated server hosting solution is SSD server - a server equipped with SSD solid state drives. Rent a server with SSD drives may be the best option if those tasks where conventional HDD drives fail and require solutions with increased performance by the number of disk operations. In most cases SSD dedicated servers are used to host database servers.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server hosting solution and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.