Dedicated server hosting solution in Europe

Dedicated server hosting solution in Europe from DCXV company

Virtual dedicated server provides rather limited possibilities for the existence and development of a web resource. Therefore, if the power is not enough, you need to choose dedicated server hosting solution on the provider's site. This is true for sites that are visited by a large number of people and load large volumes of data.

Dedicated Server - this is a very powerful computer, which is installed on a special technology platform, which constantly maintain a certain temperature and humidity, as well as protected from electrical faults.

By using such a powerful server you unlimited opportunities in various projects. You can create a large number of virtual servers, websites, any other software, and make no mistake: it will all be working around the clock for you!

To buy such a powerful computer, you need a very large monetary investments, so rent a server - it is an advantageous offer for those who create large projects.

Dedicated server hosting solution gives you the right to use dedicated physical server configuration required in accordance with the objectives of your project.

Dedicated server hosting solution suites most if you:

  • Place growing Internet resources for which there is insufficient space becomes a virtual host.

  • In serious need of enterprise solutions that require high computing performance and capacity.

  • Have projects that place high demands on safety and security of information.

DCXV offers two packages of dedicated server hosting solution

Renting a dedicated server - a service for projects and web-based applications that require high performance, security and reliability.

Basic configuration

Dedicated physical server installed on the operating system of the client's choice (Linux / FreeBSD), and a standard set of software. Designed for customers with expertise and resources for self-administer the server. For all the basic configuration packages available root-access.

Server Administration + admin panel

The server is fully configured and optimized hosting platform is similar MiroHost. All efforts by the administration of a dedicated server (performance monitoring, software updates, data backup) takes over DCXV technical service. To control server provides a convenient control panel.

You always can learn more about dedicated server hosting solution from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.