Dedicated server hosting services in Europe

DCXV offers dedicated server hosting services in Europe

Types of hosting: dedicated server hosting services unlike to other types of web hosting where the site is hosted on virtual servers, hosting type "Dedicated Server» provides a service for which the customer has at his disposal a physical server. This gives a lot of advantages a dedicated server.

Dedicated server hosting services are usually chosen for Internet projects with high demands on resources. The site or sites that are on a dedicated server are getting all of the system resources without any restrictions. In addition, you can install absolutely any software on dedicated server, including the author one - no one was allowed to make such on a virtual hosting.

A dedicated server is completely at the customer's disposal - is both a plus and a minus. The advantage is the ability to completely on your own to manage the server, as minus is that client can not have expertise to fully manage a dedicated server.

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Dedicated server hosting services with support may vary from hosts on the level of network availability. From the level of network availability depends on how quickly the technical service host will respond to a particular problem associated with a dedicated server customer. It is important that the level of network availability was high, because otherwise it may happen that at the least the problem of idle server, so all sites are on server will not work.

Dedicated Server is expensive service, and, of course, you need to choose a server to your site very carefully. The absolutely everything is important. For example, the technical equipment of the data center, which a dedicated server located. In a data center, equipped with powerful modern ventilation and cooling systems, the risk of overheating the server is minimized. This means that interruptions of the server will be minimal or else they will not be at all.

The level of qualification of the personnel data center, serving a dedicated server, also is important. It depends on the qualifications of the staff as quickly and professionally will be eliminated a problem on the server and are restored to normal operation at its sites.

To use dedicated server hosting services is almost the same as to have your own server, only you have access to it for a certain period of time (so the service is often referred to simply rent a server). It is important to remember that choosing a dedicated server you choose for yourself not only all his enormous opportunities, but also full responsibility for all actions committed to work with this server. You always can test dedicated server hosting services for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.