Dedicated server hosting providers in Europe

Advantages of dedicated server hosting providers in Europe

Territorially the DCXV data center is located in the heart of Europe, Lithuania. Designed and equipped with the most advanced technology, dedicated server hosting providers in EU has all the necessary equipment to ensure a stable and uninterrupted operation. We care about the stable operation of our clients' services, and for this we use an efficient cooling system in the data center premises, which maintains the microclimate necessary for trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Reliable systems of uninterrupted power supply provide guaranteed power supply, and in case of emergency there are emergency diesel generators for autonomous operation of the dedicated server hosting providers up to 48 hours or more. High-speed channels of access to the global Internet network allow our customers to work with such comfort, as if they were in close proximity to their servers.

Rent a virtual server or use a dedicated server hosting providers?

Virtual Server virtualization has become a worthy replacement for high-performance dedicated servers. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the provision of a dedicated server required the hosting provider to purchase new machines for each customer, high energy costs, lease of new areas and other investments, which significantly affected the cost of VPS hosting services. Using the concept of VPS significantly reduced not only the costs of the hosting provider, but also the cost of the service, not differing in quality from the dedicated server.

Another significant advantage of using virtual servers is the cost savings due to the lack of maintenance and updating of the server hardware. With the passage of time, any dedicated server requires updating its components, as the demand for computing power grows, and the equipment itself becomes obsolete almost immediately after its acquisition. The cost of such updates for dedicated server hosting providers does not affect the customer of the services.

Dedicated server is much safer than virtual hosting, because it is protected by a firewall that controls all accesses and connections. Disadvantages of the service - a fairly high price (although quite justifying itself), the complexity of installation and configuration, requiring the participation of professionals. Dedicated server hosting providers, according to users, has more advantages than virtual.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server hosting providers and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.