dedicated server hosting price

What dedicated server hosting price includes?

The most far-sighted entrepreneurs are perfectly mastered a simple principle: if you're not on the Internet - you are not in business. But not enough to create an online store or corporate portal. You should also place them in the World Wide Web. And also allow the permanent access for visitors.

Of course, there is always such an easy option as hosting websites. However, for large projects, it is not acceptable, and you have to place it on your own server. And there inevitably you have to decide what to choose - rent a server or co-locate it. You should consider od server lease price and dedicated server hosting price.

The benefits of using the unique dedicated server hosting price from DCXV Company

Among the main advantages of dedicated server hosting price provider needs to ensure the functioning of large-scale Internet projects that includes:

  • the use of any software that is required to implement the goals of the client;

  • dedicated server hosting allows you to change the hardware configuration in any moment;

  • the price of the server installation services in the majority of companies are very affordable.

Disadvantages of dedicated server hosting

Before you order colocation services, it is necessary to bear in mind a few drawbacks to this service. And the main among them is that the responsibility for the operation of equipment is fully under the customer responsibility. Of course, the DCXV provides all the necessary for its functioning: the correct installation, maintenance of the right temperature and humidity, etc. But in the case of repairing the owner will deal with damage of the server himself. Yes, colocation is much more expensive than shared hosting. However, dedicated server hosting price is more than compensated by the wide possibilities that it opens to advanced site owners and online entrepreneurs.

The dedicated server hosting price includes:

  1. Hosting of user server in our data center and the connection to the power supply and the Internet;

  2. Round the clock security of the data center;

  3. Creating suitable conditions (air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply);

  4. 2 IP-addresses;

  5. Perform basic operations engineers, data center (cold restart).

On DCXV site you can find dedicated server hosting price and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.