Dedicated server hosting Europe

Try dedicated server hosting Europe with DCXV Company

Typically dedicated server hosting Europe can be described as a reliable and quality.

He is thoroughly tested, and the use of the latest technology makes it really modern.

Hosting companies in Europe offer a wide range of tariff plans, depending on the client's requests.

Prices of dedicated server hosting Europe is usually determined by such criteria:

- Number of web-projects, which are locating on one account;

- Disk volume (disk space allocated for the accommodation of web resources);

- The period for which purchased hosting.

Most hosting providers in European countries, the practice of providing users of the test period. The way will be tested and depends largely on the decision to purchase hosting. Most providers offer hosting with uptime, equal to 99.9%. This ensures no interruption in the work of web-resources and high download speed. For dedicated server hosting Europe DCXV is using Uninterruptible Power Supply, carried out round the clock monitoring.

Every day, providers carry out backups (data backup process), which allows you to quickly retrieve the information posted on the website. Usually European companies work with many users from around the world, using a convenient payment system services. The disadvantage is that they need to pay in euros for dedicated server hosting Europe.

More often than in other European countries, owners of Russian sites chosen hosting servers in Germany. Booking a dedicated server, VPS with placement in data centers or dedicated hosting German hosting providers. The service is on high-quality technical support in Russian and convenient payment methods.

European hosting, as well as the other, is a service for the allocation of computing power required for posting information on the server. The service also includes the allocation of space on the server for database, file storage, e-mail correspondence, etc., to ensure the servers. Other services for dedicated server hosting Europe (DNS, hosting and e-mail database, file allocation) may be provided both separately and in combination.

Tariff plans for dedicated server hosting Europe are calculated depending on the number of websites are hosted on one account, disk space, the load limit.