dedicated server Europe

Check out dedicated server Europe from DCXV Company

Any growing Internet project comes to a time when the need to buy a dedicated server becomes critical for the functioning of the whole project. DCXV offers to rent a dedicated server Europe maximum performance at a reasonable price.

Our partnership with datacenters in America and own data center in Europe opens you the ability to take a server in rent in any of these locations. It is not for us to matter which location you choose to rent a dedicated server - DCXV provide the same high quality of service and timely replacement of failed equipment.

Renting a dedicated server Europe with DCXV advantageous due to the fact that we have no commissions for the assembly and installation of servers. All you need only select a server configuration and pay rent. We undertake all other concerns.

The best conditions for the rental of dedicated servers Europe

DCXV provides a number of additional advantages in the service of server rent to make a server has been even more favorable:

  • choice of control panels: cPanel, ISP Manager, Webuzo or DirectAdmin;

  • quick installation without any commissions;

  • unlimited traffic;

  • Microsoft Windows and Linux distributions

Rent a server with the support of your dreams

Rent a server in DCXV data center means the clock 7 days a week customer support, consultation of our technical experts, the highest quality and reliability of service. After talking with our support, you will find that anywhere else this is not seen as a dedicated server rentals go from the category of routine tasks in the tasks that are done with pleasure. Our dedicated server Europe is easy to buy, quick to configure and manage them conveniently. Our dedicated servers are suitable for large and visited websites, applications, data handling, placing the business infrastructure. After the server activation, you will receive an email with the data access to the KVM console to manage your server and install the operating system, if you do not choose to be installed by our experts.

Dedicated server Europe data is convenient in many ways, like to work with critical, as well you can save money on the purchase of its own equipment, to save time on searching for technicians to get started quickly and provide exceptional data reliability. You always can test dedicated server Europe service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.