Dedicated server discount

Get dedicated server discount in Europe from DCXV Company

DCXV Project is pleased to offer you a wide range of servers in Europe, including dedicated server discount with instant activation. All servers are configured, customized and ready to go. On servers we installed Apache, Curl, Zend, MySQL, Perl, and other software required to work effectively. You do not need to set up, since all the basic settings have already been included in the cost of the server and our experts will support the operation of the server during the entire period of its operation. Buying a server with us, you get not only "hardware", but also regular technical support.

The need of dedcated server

For those who have high demands for performance and security ideal option is the dedicated server. A dedicated server allows you to fully control Web site work. The owner of the dedicated server can independently configure the appropriate software, to optimize the performance of the system, install the necessary applications.

To ensure the smooth work of sites with high traffic you need to consider the lease of a dedicated server. Although a dedicated server rental may seem more expensive than a virtual server or hosting, but the end result, it is much cheaper, especially with various dedicated server discount. The stability and reliability of your site is possible only with a dedicated server. And without it the stability and reliability of business growth is impossible.

And what about the usual hosting?

With shared hosting many web sites are located on the same web server and use the same software. Choosing virtual hosting, you are depending on the sites, which share the space. You can not control the loading of your site, since it depends on the number of queries to other sites. Also in case of damage to other sites on the server your site may be damaged too. The possibilities of modernization are limited. For a businessman shared hosting can be arranged, but with business growth demands for resources will increase. That is why DCXV offers dedicated server discount for begginers at hosting.

To sum up, dedicated server provides an order of magnitude more options to the user regarding the placement of your project than its main competitors - virtual hosting and virtual server. If your business depends on the stability of the service, then you have to seriously think over renting a dedicated server with dedicated server discount.

DCXV Company allows you to feel the power of a dedicated server discount. Get 5% discount when renting a server for 6 months, and 10% when renting for a period of 1 year. When renting a server and control panel we will install free and configure your dedicated server. To order, simply select the appropriate data plan with dedicated server discount and press "Order now".