Dedicated server Deutschland solutions

Check out dedicated server Deutschland solutions from DCXV Company

Doubtless dedicated server Deutschland has always been and will be popular, because of their excellent ping servers, punctuality in delivery and replacing server components, low prices for the equipment, as well as excellent quality. The main advantages and disadvantages of the lease servers in Germany, we have tried to provide below.

Standard server configurations are the most popular and suitable for most projects. settings and a variety of additional options enable flexibility to choose the optimum solution with the desired set of characteristics. Here are all the basic parameters, including changing the type and amount of hard disk drives, install the right amount of RAM, RAID-controller and redundant power supply. By default, each dedicated server Deutschland is connected to port 100 Mbit and high-speed communication channels.

Dedicated server Deutschland is an ideal choice for projects focused on work in the European region - thanks to the consistently high level of service, legendary German reliability and stability. Direct communication channels with the EU countries, as well as with Ukraine and Russia provide high-speed data exchange. Therefore, server rental in Germany and is perfect for projects, working mainly with the audience from Ukraine and Russia. European legislation, legal and physical safety, low prices, convenient location and quality service in a professional manner in reliable data center are the key arguments in favor of the choice of our company.

Advantages of dedicated server Deutschland:

- A choice of two manufacturers of server hardware - AMD and INTEL:

- Order AMD server

- Order Intel server

- It is possible to place all the legal including adult;

- Free installation or reinstallation of the OS;

- No expensive license Windows;

- Low prices on dedicated servers;

- Unlimited traffic;

- Loyal to complaints.

Servers in Germany - cons:

- No KVM device;

- 3 ip-address - this is the maximum;

- Not too quick service poderzhkoy;

- No DDoS protection;

- It is not possible to change the configuration in the future.

Dedicated server Deutschland is primarily suitable for users for whom a low price plays a major role in choosing a server.