Dedicated server comparison in Europe

Advantages and disadvantages of use dedicated server comparison with virtual server

First of all, it is worth mentioning that a standard dedicated server is a physical computer located on the territory of the data center and is either owned by the user or leased from the provider. Dedicated server comparison with virtual servers created using VDS and VPS technology have a number of significant advantages:

1. Cost. This is a decisive factor for any business, and it is the cost of dedicated servers that exceed their virtual counterparts by an order of magnitude. Even renting a physical server is quite expensive, and the purchase of a full-fledged and powerful machine costs several thousand, or even tens of thousands of dollars;

2. Independence from hardware failures. VDS and VPS-servers are physically not tied to equipment, so, in case of failure, it can in dedicated server comparison easily be copied and transferred to another machine;

3. Lack of responsibility for the operation of equipment. It is known that any, even the best equipment has a service life and is morally obsolete. If the dedicated server is in your property, then care for its maintenance and replacement of the failed parts will fall on your wallet.

However, in addition to advantages, dedicated server comparison virtual dedicated servers also have drawbacks due to the principle of their construction:

1. Lower productivity. Regardless of how optimally built the VPS or VDS-server, its power is still less than that of a separate dedicated server, as it is divided into at least several independent hosting;

2. The complexity of the setting. In spite of the fact that virtual dedicated servers are largely physical in functionality, there are a number of features in their configuration that can complicate the work with resources. However, as a rule, these problems have already been solved by pre-installed software, which is suitable for most users;

3. When using VDS or VPS hosting in dedicated server comparison, the client does not have access to some hardware functions, which can also cause inconvenience when solving a number of tasks.

Thus, renting VPS and VDS from DCXV is especially relevant in the case when the project is not able to accommodate on the scale of normal hosting, and it is not practical to use a dedicated server, due to the need for significant financial costs.

On DCXV site you can find all information to make dedicated server comparison with virtual server and information about other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your need.