Dedicated server administration in Europe

How to save money ordering dedicated server administration in Europe?

Using a physical or virtual dedicated server requires certain specialized knowledge and experience. We try to simplify the use of our services as much as it possible. We provide a complete dedicated server administration solution for small and medium businesses, including setting up and maintaining your dedicated server or VPS / VDS. But in any case, the client is responsible for administration of the server, we provide only the basic free technical support package for the server, which includes:

  • Installing the operating system from the list of available distributions.

  • Enable, disable, reboot the virtual server.

  • Dedicated server administration for an unlimited number of domains on our DNS servers (primary and secondary).

  • Installation of ISPmanager Lite control panel on request.

Tariffs for all dedicated servers include basic administration. That means, we automatically include your server in the monitoring system. When the server is down, our specialist starts to understand what happened in a few minutes. The server will be online in the near future without your participation, and for you we will prepare information about the incident.

Basic dedicated server administration also means monthly free help in solving three technical tasks for system administration of your dedicated server. Also, we are always open to discuss non-standard offers, up to giving customers a dedicated system administrator or a dedicated team of system administrators for ongoing remote work on administering any number of equipment.

Advantages of working with DCXV (Xivicom)

We are confident of the need and benefit of the dedicated server administration services we offer. Ordering services from DCXV (Xivicom) company, you can be sure that we will take care of your interests.

We do not deny that we, like everyone else, are interested in the financial success of our company. And at the same time, like no other, we understand that it is based on the benefit of our customers.

We are interested in being constantly interested in working with us. We believe that this is the most healthy and most constructive way of self development.

Low cost of a dedicated server administration, a system of discounts and additional offers, modern equipment and a guarantee of quality service are the benefits that customers of DCXV (Xivicom) receive.