Dedicated server Adalah in Europe

Learn more about dedicated server Adalah in Europe

Dedicated server is attractive for its independence from other resources. The equipment is located in a data center, which has a separate power supply, rack space, and channel. By purchasing the server, you can be sure that you do not have with anyone else share the resources of the machine at the expense of the speed of the site and the space below the files. A problem of your one project does not affect the operation of other your servers and sites.

Unlike shared hosting, where one server hosts many websites, your server will work only for you. A huge plus for your website can be the ability to install on such hosting any software, even samopisnogo. This service is no other web hosting you will not be able to provide. Your system administrator at any time be able to reinstall the software or reboot the server.

So what is dedicated server and why it so popular among site owners?

Renting such server is using the provided server only for the tasks of your project with the ability to freely dispose of the machine's resources and install any software. The service is used when you need to store large amounts of data, allocate resource-intensive projects, work with applications that are incompatible with virtualization systems, and solve project tasks with specific requirements for dedicated server Adalah configuration.

- When ordering sever you can choose what operating system you want to install on your dedicated server: FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows Server.

- The data center has all the conditions for the operation of professional equipment: for this purpose, an uninterruptible power system. Reliability, air conditioning, ventilation and electrostatic protection of the premises, a system of protection against unauthorized access and security of the data center building. The data center specialists conduct round-the-clock monitoring of the server`s equipment status.

- We constantly monitor the status of your server. In case of failure of the leased server, DCXV specialists replace the defective components for free in the shortest possible time. We use network equipment and servers only from the world's leading companies.

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