Dedicated Server 1C Bitrix

You are looking for Dedicated Server 1C Bitrix for your enterprise

Dedicated Server 1C Bitrix - is an alternative hosting in cases where customers do not have enough reserves of virtual resources or VDS / VPS systems. After all, modern business increasingly requires a large number of servers for its work. Two or three machines are able to provide additional security for significant databases, as well as high speed of the loaded gaming and corporate portals with serious attendance. Each server "deals" with a specific task: one accepts and sends e-mail, another stores databases, and the third one uses gaming applications.

For medium-sized and large enterprises, as well as for enterprises that impose increased requirements on the confidentiality of information storage, we offer server on which it can be installed various 1C programs, of your choice, including: Accounting Accounting, Accounting of trading enterprises, Accounting of Production Enterprises, Sectoral solutions, Document management and Customer relationship management.

Lets suppose that your main office is located in the city A. Also, your company has several branches or offices, which are located in other cities of your Country (B, C, D). All employees of the company must simultaneously have access to the same configuration and documents 1C. We place "1C" on our server, and your employees work with 1C remotely (1? via the Internet). That is how dedicated server 1C Bitrix can improve the speed of data transfer in your company.

With DCXV company you get dedicated server 1C Bitrix that provides:

  • Access to 1C 24/7 from anywhere in the world;

  • There is no need to buy server equipment;

  • You do not need to equip the server room;

  • You do not need to hire personnel to maintain the server;

  • We regularly make a backup of the data.

Using remotely such server on our hosting you get multi-level data protection + daily backup data copying. Rent 1ps cps is not just a multifunctional system for quick and safe operation, but also an opportunity to quietly engage in business without being distracted by technical details. While you are engaged in a company, your employees will be able to build a convenient system for work, keep records and be oriented to the needs of customers, having access to data at any time of the day, anywhere in the world and from any device.