Rent a dedicated server 1C

Dedicated Server 1C with Windows for your business in Europe

Renting a server in DCXV data center is considered an advantageous solution for a number of enterprises. Unlike VPS and other types of virtual hosting you have the opportunity to fully access the server. There will be no other users and other projects. In addition, you can individually select the optimal processor, RAM, software, hard disk capacity, network settings for maximum performance on the Windows, Linux or FreeBSD platform. However, not everyone understands that the allocated resource differs from the virtual one.

But the lease of a dedicated server 1C carries many positive aspects:

High level of performance. Usually, any allocated resource has sufficient power reserve. Moreover, the lack of established resources can always be easily expanded.

Security and data protection. All data of the your company, which are located on a dedicated server, can not be used for criminal or personal purposes because of the inability to copy them. In other words, it is completely protected from cracking by hackers.

Stability and reliability of operation. Renting a dedicated server 1C on Windows will dispel the experience for sudden suspensions in the process of work. The datacenter was launched at 2013, therefore, in addition to regular testing of equipment provided to the client, it guarantees full serviceability. The server will not fail at the most unexpected moment.

Financial savings. Renting a dedicated resource can not be spent on the purchase of super-power equipment. The client pays only the cost of renting a server. In addition, employees of firms are always available to answer any questions, provide detailed advice on the characteristics of the equipment, which is best suited for the intended purposes of the customer.

No difficulties with warranty, repair and maintenance. We give a guarantee on the quality of all equipment. Absolutely all servers before installation are thoroughly diagnosed. If there is a complaint about the quality of one or another component - there is an operational replacement for a new element.

Find out more about the dedicated server 1C as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.