The dedicated server cost

How to reduce dedicated server cost? In DCXV we know the answer!

Server rental allows you to reduce the initial cost of your project, you will not need to bring (or freeze) additional funds on server hardware. Buy server hardware is a very important phase of the project, as a minimum the server is three years, and the choice for small projects are trying to choose a configuration in which the server capacity will be enough for all the work of the project, laying the redundancy configuration and thus redundancy in value equipment. Payback period of the project will suffer a lot. So dedicated server cost is critical for small projects.

What dedicated server cost includes?
The minimum price is 39 € / month. When renting a dedicated server in the data center you not only save on the purchase of equipment, but also on the software. Microsoft Licenses to a dedicated server can be rented for the entire life of the equipment use (minimum rental period is one month) without paying for the full cost of a license (for example, rent a MS Windows Server Standard 2012 operating system is only € 12 per month, and its purchase It will cost about 600 €).

Whet elements of dedicated server cost data center takes on them:

Electricity, renting servers you do not take into account the cost of electricity on the uninterruptible power supply, do not need to worry about power failure;

Air conditioning, server rental does not take into account the cost of cooling the room where the equipment is located;

Server, server rental does not take into account the cost of premises (rent and maintenance), which houses the equipment;

Safety of equipment, server rental does not take into account the costs of the safety equipment (equipment can fill with water, it can burn);

Continuous operation, rent servers do not take into account the cost of providing the constant of the equipment (some internet providers);

Taxes, server rental costs do not take into account the major taxes on products (server hardware, licenses, and so on. D.).

All servers are available in pre-configured, fully operable. When ordering, you can choose the amount of RAM, select the required hard disk drives, and the required number of IP-addresses. When paying for the quarter, six months, one year or two years, you get a discount of 2.5% to 20%. That is made to reduce dedicated server cost for reliable clients. The additional cost for the installation will be charged.

On DCXV site you can always find the dedicated server cost and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.