Dedicated physical server in Europe?

New solution for those who are looking for a dedicated physical server in Europe

A dedicated physical server is the use of the provided server only for the tasks of your project with the ability to freely dispose of the resources of the machine and install any software. The service is used when it is necessary to store large amounts of data, allocate resource-intensive projects, work with applications that are incompatible with virtualization systems, and also solve project tasks with specific requirements for server configuration.

A dedicated physical server lease is economically advantageous. Why do you need to buy an expensive dedicated server that will become obsolete in a year if it is possible to rent it for a relatively small monthly amount? And in a year, when equipment becomes old, do not spend money on its modernization, and take another, modern, for the same money. And there is no need to allocate additional space for this huge "box" and pay for electricity - all this is handled by a cloud provider.

If dedicated physical server is serviced by a hosting company, it assumes obligations not only to maintain the overall health of the server, but also offers additional options, such as working with the Apache web server, protection from attacks, installation of additional software at the request of the customer. It is worth noting that the installation of software, its configuration, debugging in case of errors - this is the work of the system administrator.

The cost of the dedicated physical server rental service includes:

  • Replacement of equipment in case of failure

  • Round-the-clock support

  • Ability to use our NS server

  • Providing free KVM access to the server

  • Remote power management of the server via the web panel

  • Initial installation and configuration of the software, if specified at registration

The higher cost of the dedicated physical server in comparison with other solutions for hosting the site is justified by the power and stability. The server will not need to be shared with neighbors, and the site will be loaded instantly.