Dedicated managed hosting in Europe

Try dedicated managed hosting in Europe from DCXV Company (Xivicom)

The service of dedicated managed hosting in Europe from DCXV provide you with support and maintenance of servers, each of which is configured and tuned specifically for the needs of every client. The main difference from a dedicated server is that when choosing a dedicated managed hosting we take not only the hardware, server administration, and software. This means that in the hands of one focused system solutions, customized to suit your preferences. We offer technical support, monitoring and management 24/7/365. We provide round the clock monitoring and management of hardware and software on your server.

Our service concept offers the possibility of dedicated managed hosting for corporate server or individual significant for you data. As a result, you get a competent support around the clock and administration, save cost on salary of IT-specialist settings for maximum flexibility by individual configuration and functionality of the dedicated managed hosting.

Our managed dedicated managed hosting solution is fully consistent with its name. DCXV company since 2013 provides managed dedicated servers to their customers who want to have a quality framework for web hosting with the highest level of performance, reliability and security.

Dedicated managed hosting offered inour data center, giving you full control over your data and web hosting configuration. You can provide the highest level of uptime and the security of their applications by making full use of server resources for your own websites. Provide your business all the advantages of our networks, servers, and, most importantly, our technical support. Take advantage of our managed dedicated servers and you will immediately feel the results of cooperation with the best advantage.

Configure your dedicated managed hosting server

Use our handy calculator for selecting the required configuration of your server, as well as to select the desired software and additional services of the data center. Select one of the models that are ready to work, or to configure your server online and get quick installation, no minimum contract period and guarantee the replacement of faulty equipment.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated managed hosting and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.