Dedicated mail server fom DCXV

How dedicated mail server can encrease your staff efficiency

Any company uses e-mail. Send large number of emails between partners, customers, departments and divisions of the company. Private messaging system with a help of dedicated mail server now is not so much a fashion statement as the care of the company's information security and stability of the service.

DCXV company offers services of implementation, configuration, and administration of postal systems. This service allows you to have a full-featured dedicated mail server for one or more domain names. The company also offers a complete e-mail servers for rent.

What do we offer

Organization and support for e-mail system for your company: a dedicated mail server , a local mail server or mail server ready for rent.

Benefits of own mail server:

Availability mail server at least 99% per month due to the location in own europen data center:

Unlimited space for mailboxes;

Unlimited number of mailboxes and domains;

Correspondence is on a server that is accessed only have you and support services;

Savings in administration and distribution of the mail server;

The ability to scale the system to fit your needs;

The ability to organize any backup and recovery data;

Comfortable web mail interface for quick access from anywhere, including from mobile devices;

Support from DCXV Company;

Choice of open software or commercial solutions based on Linux.

How does it work?

The dedicated mail server is leased physical server hosted in a secured DCXV data center, a large european or foreign hosting provider. Suitable for medium and large-sized companies with a large number of mailboxes and domains. Server configuration is selected with redundancy. Afyer you have ordered dedicated mail server we will get you thriough next stages:

  • Select Server Configuration of the proposed

  • Registration of a domain name (if necessary), the change in the records

  • Software installing and configuring

  • Commissioning

You always can test any dedicated mail server service for your compamy or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.