The best dedicated hosting service

Looking for european dedicated hosting service?

Buy dedicated hosting service for the site is a must to create a new online project aimed at attracting a large audience of the World Wide Web users. Thanks to it, the company and the individual will be able to place any resource on the Internet, and provide 24-hour access to posted information.

In simple terms, the dedicated hosting service - is a storage space that is available to users (website owners) for the physical location of any information on the server. In this case the server is in the network and continuously around the clock. He placed a lot of resources that do not interfere and do not affect each other's work. It can be paid and free.

On the one hand, why should we pay for something you can get for free? The answer here is simple, being the full owner of the space provided, the provider can place in your own advertising resource or set their own rules. It is characterized by low quality and instability, and no interest to many contractors. Often resources are located on a free hosting "hang", are no longer available and have a low data transfer rate. As a result you will lose customers, and looking forward to performing applications for technical support, you can spend a lot more money than selecting a paid dedicated hosting service.

On the other hand, the main drawback of paid dedicated hosting service - its price is fully compensated by its advantages: high quality, constant presence in the network, the provider support, etc. Buying dedicated hosting, you can not worry about what the site will fall in the most important point is unavailable to visitors.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting from DCXV

Dedicated hosting service no matter what is placed on it - a blog, shop, portal or "card" should be of high quality, affordable, fast and reliable. Dedicated hosting by DCXV has such features.

In addition, the company guarantees:

Compliance with confidentiality in accordance with the law and safety;

Stable and reliable protection against DDoS attacks;

24 hours technical support;

The presence of own communication channels and the use of modern equipment;

Unlimited bandwidth and a different amount of memory storage space, which can be increased if necessary;

The ability to choose the best for the client operating systems;

Automatic backup, which is held once every three days;

Easy control system.

DCXV dedicated hosting service today is not only one of the highest quality, but also one of the most accessible, since it relies on customers with different levels of requirements and material prosperity. Due to the wide scale of charges, each customer can choose the best option is for the resource, whether it be a personal blog or a multi-level and dynamic corporate portal.