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What dedicated hosting provider can offer to you?

?edicated server - one of the most expensive types of hosting. Unlike shared hosting, where ? where many sites can be placed on one server, or by the VPS, where the server is actually divided into several independent parts, dedicated server rental service involves a single physical server. That is why this service is so expensive. On our site of dedicated hosting provider, you will find the best deals on virtual and dedicated servers. Each dedicated hosting provider offers tariff plans with the cost for a certain period of time.

For what purposes you can need a dedicated server
Basically, the choice of a dedicated hosting provider is required to accommodate large, resource-intensive projects that can no longer be placed on shared hosting or VPS or to accommodate a large number of small sites. When the site is very much a dedicated server becomes more profitable than conventional hosting, you can of course use the free hosting, but the quality is there appropriate. Also, quite often, the server takes for projects that can not be placed on hosting or VPS for other reasons.

The cost of a dedicated server
The unequivocal answer to the question of how much rent a server is not as it depends primarily on its configuration. For the benchmark, the average server configuration from dedicated hosting provider will cost from 50 to 100 dollars a month. If you are not sure you need a server or not, try to order it with a minimum period.

Advantages and disadvantages
The main disadvantages of this service is the high cost and complexity in the management of the service. In order that the server would work properly, you must be qualified for server administration, or to pay dedicated hosting provider for administrator services, which is not free. Occasionally problems will occur without the knowledge in the administration can not be solved. Despite these shortcomings, renting a dedicated server, you get the complete freedom of action, and in fact no one is dependent.

Select server
When you select dedicated hosting provider it is important to clearly understand the configuration you want. Approach to this issue is taken seriously. If you take just a powerful server, it is likely that you will actually pay more for unused resources. If you take a weak server, it is likely that you have to do anything to upgrade or move to a more powerful server. And in the first and in the second case to do everything quickly and painlessly will not work and it's probably a simple hello to the site. Take the best server in a reliable and a major supplier of services, not necessarily in your country.