Dedicated hosting managed in Europe

Rental of dedicated hosting managed solutions from DCXV (Xivicom)

Rental of dedicated hosting managed server is a service of transfer to the personal use of a single physical server with full technical support and reliable protection. Renting a dedicated hosting managed server ensures the maximum control over the project, its stability and successful development.

Do I Need Dedicated Hosting Managed?

Before you think about dedicated hosting managed you need to decide whether you need a dedicated server at all. You will need a dedicated server if you have high the site traffic. If you have a small site with low traffic, then you will approach a virtual hosting. In comparison with the option of hosting, dedicated server rental and operation costs far more to it, but if your business depends on the reliability of these services, you should seriously consider renting a dedicated hosting managed server. The only drawback of such a site placement is that you have to self-administer the server, and it requires some technical skills; and there is a demand for managed hosting. If you fall into the category of needing a dedicated server, but you need to provider services include system administration services, such as security, firewall, monitoring, reporting and backing up, it is likely you will need dedicated hosting managed.

There are no any certain standards, clear guidelines, describing the role of the hosting providers in dedicated server management.

In most cases, the server hardware is owned by providers of dedicated hosting, and they support the operating system (upgrade installation) and server software. Thus, the user has full control over the server through the control panel, which is designed for technicians to handle all server and network functions and problems. Such dedicated hosting is sometimes called Dedicated Hosting Managed Server.

The server management may include ():

Updating of the operating system

Upgrading applications

Monitoring server

Protection against DDoS attacks

Intrusion detection

Backup and Restore

DNS hosting

Load distribution

Dedicated Hosting Providers determine the level of control on the basis of their services. It may vary from fully managed to self-control from provider to provider. On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated hosting managed and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.